Asbestos Brisbane Removal

Welcome to Asbestos Brisbane Removal. We’re a locally owned asbestos abatement company who have been servicing the Brisbane area for quite a few years now. We provide high quality, reliable and professional asbestos removal for homes, commercial sites and industrial sites.

We specialise in asbestos abatement specifically, but also are trained and have the experience to handle all hazardous materials in Brisbane. We have the licensed to perform asbestos testing, removal and disposal, hazardous material collection, contaminated land remediation, and mould and microbial cleaning and remediation.

Let’s face it, asbestos is dangerous stuff. It was used heavily throughout Australia in the construction sector up until the early 2000’s. More often than not, if your house or workplace building was built before 1990, it contains asbestos materials somewhere. If you’ve suspected you might have asbestos materials in your work, home or building, make sure you rely on a Brisbane asbestos removal professional to handle it – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

With our extensive knowledge and training on asbestos, we’ve put together some tips, tricks and the latest news on Asbestos in Australia. Check out our blog page for some more information and feel free to contact us if you have any queries.